Treatment of Dermatology Conditions with Cold Plasma

Our patented BioWeld1 system, aims to deliver the benefits of ‘cold’ plasma (gas) to dermatologists and their patients.

IonMed is currently exploring the use of the BioWeld1 to help those who suffer from acne vulgaris.

Multi Functional
No Side Effects
Cost Effective

IonMed is a pioneer start-up in the new area of ‘plasma medicine’: the use of cold atmospheric plasma to the benefit of healthcare therapies.

Led by passionate and experienced team, IonMed’s mission is to deliver a new and improved cost effective solutions to treat skin conditions/diseases. IonMed plans to deliver evidence based solutions by exploring each skin condition through a major clinical trial that targets a specific disease. We believe that this is the only way to bring real evidence on treatment of individuals that suffer from different skin diseases.

Our Technology

Cold Plasma Features
Electric & Magnetic Fields
Charged Particles
UV Radiation
less than 40 Celsius
Free Radicals

The Cold Plasma

Cold plasma (<40 Celsius) is an ionized gas. We use Helium as the carrier gas from which the plasma is created. The plasma contains a ‘cocktail’ of charged particles, free radicals, UV radiation and electric and magnetic fields. Academic and industrial research proves that such a ‘cocktail’ may eliminate different bacteria, including antibiotic resistant bacteria, accelerate coagulation and wound healing and may kill cancer cells. Since plasma is Less than 40 Celsius, it does not cause any thermal damage to the skin. Treating skin conditions is therefore noninvasive, safe and may be well tolerated without any side effects.

The BioWeld1 system is designed for simple, intuitive operation and reliability with a small footprint.

The BioWeld1™ – System Components:

  • Base unit: Controller, RF generator
  • Hand-piece and cable
  • Disposable plasma tip
  • Carrier gas – Helium

Clinical Applications

Acne Vulgaris Treatment*

Acne Vulgaris is the most common skin condition, affecting nearly 90% of teenagers and 40% of adults worldwide. Despite its prevalence, there has been substantial failure in treating acne (BCC Research, 2016). About 40-50 million Americans suffer from acne and over $3 Billion are spent annually on drug treatment alone.

Millions of patients do not respond to currently available treatments, or suffer from significant side effects due to the treatments, causing them to search for an alternative therapy.

IonMed Solution

A course of several cold plasma treatments using IonMed’s proprietary BioWeld1 system.
The cold plasma – ionized gas – is a composition of free radicals, UV and electrical charges. It can eliminate the acne bacteria as well as accelerate micro blood circulation and healing processes. A cold plasma single treatment actually combines the mechanisms of different therapies.
The potential is derived from the fact that cold plasma interacts with cells with the same mechanisms by which immune cells fight microorganisms and cell-signaling processes are modulated. Cold plasma may kill antibiotic resistant bacteria among which are certain acne resistant bacteria.

IonMed is currently managing a clinical trial in acne patients
*The acne indication with the BioWeld device is for investigational use only.

Past Developed Applications

The BioWeld1 is CE cleared for surgical incision closure and the company is certified to the ISO13845 standard.
The system is CE pending for skin graft fixation application.

The company managed successful clinical trials in C-section incision closure and in skin graft fixation without adverse effects and proving the safety and performance of the BioWeld1 system.

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