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BioWeld1 is a leader in bringing next-generation cold-plasma technology to
advanced human clinical stages, with initial human trial completed in 2013.

A feasibility study was completed to assess safety, ease of use, and inducement of
Biowelding effect. Caesarian section was chosen for this study to provide a challenging
clinical environment (long, deep incision) for initial feasibility proof.

Initial study of external incision closure with 20 women undergoing elective C-section
showed promising results:

  • Safe and effective closure
  • Satisfactory cosmetic outcomes
  • No wound infections
  • Very low (favorable) VAS pain scores
  • High usability scores from surgeons

*Hants Y., Kabiri D., Drukker L., Razmik A., Vruyr G., Arusyak H., Vahe G., Di Renzo G.C. and Ezra Y.
‘Preliminary evaluation of novel skin closure of Pfannenstiel incisions using cold helium plasma and
chitosan films’. J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2014 Feb 3. [Epub]

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