Clinical Applications > Cold Plasma for Skin Grafting

BioWeld1 has the potential to revolutionize skin grafting with the “Graft biowelding” fixation
and plasma healing treatment

Current issues in skin grafting

  • Failure rate from 5%-30%*
  • Infection
  • Skin graft mobility is a common problem
  • Fibrin glues improve success rate but are cost-prohibitive for many hospital systems
  • Staplers very painful to remove (anesthesia often required)

The BioWeld1 System is designed to enable skin grafting with no staples

  • Potential to improve graft fixation compared to staples
  • Potential to enhance healing of graft
  • Potential to eliminate painful staples
  • Potential anti-bacterial effects for infection prevention

The BioWeld1 System also has the potential to enhance donor site healing

* Culliford AT, Spector J, Blank A, Karp NS, Kasabian A, Levine JP. The fate of lower extremities with failed free flaps:
a single institution's experience over 25 years. Annals of Plastic Surgery 2007;59:18-21.












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