How is the BioWeld1 System Used?

Note: The BioWeld1 medical device is intended for operation by a trained physician.

Once the graft is placed on the grafting site, ChitoplastTM strips are applied along the graft edges and adjacent tissue (Skin Graft Fixation application). Alternatively the ChitoplastTM is applied along the incision edges (Surgical Incision Closure application).
Cold plasma is then applied along the ChitoplastTM strips which cover the graft edges causing hemostasis and further adherence of the ChitoplastTM, thus leading to a closer approximation of the incision edges or skin-graft edges.

The combined actions of the ChitoplastTM and the plasma provide the basis for the consequent natural healing process. The Chitoplast film breathes, permitting gas exchange and wound discharges that are essential for healing. After few days the chitosan is dissolved and the healing proceeds naturally.




See the BioWeld1 animation.

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